Portraits  by  Jenae

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Commission Pet or People Portrait Paintings...

        • Make great gifts... for you and others
        • Keep sweet memories alive
        • Feel great, knowing you have a one-of-a-kind original
        • Have tremendous sentimental value
If you have a decent photo of your pet, you can have a fabulous painting.
It's that simple!

Here are some ideas on pricing (for a single subject in a simple background).
Frames are not included
Shipping/delivery is additional.

If you love my work, there's something here for every budget!

Canvas Size

        •   8" x 10" -     $195 - Ideal for table top frames or wall hung
        • 11" x 14" -     $395 - Almost twice as large as the 8" x 10"
        • 12" x 16" -     $495
        • 16" x 20" -     $795 - More than twice as large as the 11" x 14"
        • 20" x 30" - $1,595 - Twice as large as the 16" x 20"
        • 36" x 36" - $3,495 - Perfect size for over a love Seat
        • 36" x 48" - $4,695 - 1/3 larger; ideal size for over a couch
        • 12" x 16" -     $495
        • 16" x 20" -     $895 - Almost twice as large as the 12" x 16"
        • 20" x 30" - $1,795 - Two times larger than the 16" x 20"
        • 36" x 36" - $3,495-$3,995 - Square.  Perfect size for over a love Seat
        • 36" x 48" - $4,995 - Rectangle/Landscape  Ideal size for over a couch
Customers are responsible and liable for the images submitted.   You must have the appropriate permission or copyright to request a commission.   The copyright owner is usually the photographer; this is typically the only person that can make a "derivative work", such as a painting, from your photograph.

Copyright is created at the moment the photograph is taken and lasts the lifetime of the photographer plus 70 years.  If you have purchased a photo from a photographer, you may or may not have the right to have it reproduced.  Please check your agreement with the photographer or rights owner.

Time to Create:
Commissions typically take 3-4 weeks plus delivery, but this depends on the size and complexity of the job.  If the commission is for a special occasion, and you need it by a specific date, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to meet your deadline.  I have been known to complete a painting in a week!

Payment & Terms:
50% non-refundable deposit with photos/reference material and instruction of what is required.  I will then create your masterpiece.

When your painting is ready, I will send you a photo of the finished painting for your satisfaction. When reviewing the photo proof, please ask for modifications.  If required, one set of alterations is included.  

Normally, you will be delighted, and when you tell me so, you will send the remaining 50% plus shipping.  Your one-of-a-kind creation will then be on the way to you.

Your painting will be shipped insured.  If it is lost or damaged during delivery and insurance covers it, I will create and send a new painting at absolutely no charge to you.  You must contact me within 24 hours of receiving the painting if it is damaged.

Call, text or email with any questions!
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Or the old fashioned way of picking up the phone and calling works too!

Here's to creating forever memories...