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Classes & Workshops

Have you been dreaming about learning how to paint?  Well, your time is now!
If you're interested in any of these options, contact me now!  You will have a blast!

  • Saturday Mornings:
    Intermediate / Advanced: 9:30 - 12:30.  $195 for five classes; your supplies.
    Beginners / New Painters: 9:30 - 12:30.  $195 for four classes; supplies provided.
  • Beginner "Intensive" Retreat:
    Saturday & Sunday, January 6 & 7, 10:00 - 5:00
    • $195 includes all materials: paints, canvas, smocks, brushes, etc.
    • You will leave having learned techniques you can use forever like:
      • Creating the illusion of depth and distance
      • Creating shape: Roundness, Corners and Perspective
      • Paint in styles like: Photo-Realism, Impressionist, Abstract, Pointilist, Van Gogh-esq
*Note: There are no Saturday Morning or Afternoon Classes when Intensive Retreats are scheduled.

What Others Are Saying

    "Jenae’s painting classes are helping me achieve my goal of being a real artist based on the techniques she teaches and the freedom to paint what I want.  I am learning the importance of composition, and how to paint realistically, which is what I want.  In addition to learning, I thoroughly enjoy working in her studio; her classes are fun and lively... and an amazing place to be.  And to top it off, I won a large scholarship and two recognition awards at a show!"
- Galia L.

    "I’m having a great time at my acrylics class!  I'm learning technique and actually creating paintings I'm proud to hang.   Give it a try, you’ll discover that you too can paint!  [Jenae is a] great teacher."
- Sandy G.

      "Jenae is a great teacher.  I wanted to seriously make painting my new hobby and Jenae is a great inspiration.  She offers me structure, guidance, and at the same time encourages independent thinking.  I highly recommend Jenae."
- Dr. Brent S.

  "Jenae is both an extraordinarily gifted artist and a passionate teacher of her craft.  I've learned so much about painting techniques (and have such fun!) at her weekly Saturday morning workshops.

"Thanks, Jenae!"
- Peter F.

"Jenae's classes are a wonderful gift to myself.  She is patient, fun and knowledgeable... offering painting tools in understandable and doable ways.   Jenae encourages us to rid expectations and enjoy the experience.  I am excited to come to each class, for the painting AND the wonderful light-filled atmosphere that allows each of us to blossom in our individual style and creativity.  This is a pleasure I look forward to continuing!!"
- Vicki L.

"I completely enjoyed the experience!  Jenae is a wonderful, patient and knowledgeable teacher.  She explains principles, techniques and encourages each of us to connect with our art.  The workshop series was amazing! "If you are thinking about taking an art class, give yourself this gift.  You will be glad that you did!"
- Donna L.

"Jenae is a patient teacher.  She knows all the fundamentals on painting and shares them as she teaches."
- Leslie V.

"Jenae is amazing! She has so much patience and I love her teaching techniques.  I have learned so much in the short time we have worked together.  Looking forward to my next session."
- Carrie W.